Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to make a lasting positive impact 

through the support of innovative solutions for 

the advancement of education and alleviation of poverty.


GSR Foundation

GSR Foundation is excited to support MIT Solve winner Thaki, a social impact organization bringing an innovative solution to the problem of children’s digital literacy and global technology waste. Our funds will help Thaki source 3,000+ second-hand laptops that they will load with high-quality educational content and distribute to centers of education and refugee camps in the Middle East. 

‘Thaki is immensely grateful for support from The GSR Foundation to help us reach more vulnerable youth with digital tools and minimize further education interruptions for youth across the region.’


In honor of International Women’s Day, the GSR Foundation announced its support for Technovation, a social impact organisation that empowers girls to pursue STEM education and career paths and become leaders in their global communities. Our funds will help Technovation to deliver their technology entrepreneurship program to ~20,000 girls, where they will develop apps and business plans and be introduced to concepts such as machine learning, AI, and coding algorithms. Together we can help close the STEM gender gap!

‘We’re honored and thankful for GSR’s support and commitment to closing the STEM gender gap! With their support, ~20k girls will be introduced to Technovation.’

GSR Foundation Beneficiaries

Sustainability - Make Crypto Green

GSR is proud to support the launch of the Crypto Climate Accord. We’re on a mission together with firms like CoinShares, ConsenSys and Ripple to make crypto and blockchain 100% sustainable, powered 100% by renewable energy by 2030.

The Accord brings together the crypto and financial technology industry to build a sustainable future for global finance with support from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Champions.


GSR partnered with to make its business operations carbon neutral. Through the partnership, GSR offset its carbon footprint through the purchase of tokenized carbon credits on the MOSS platform. When you buy MOSS’ carbon credit token, you preserve the Amazon Rainforest, generate jobs and encourage new sustainability initiatives. To offset GSR’s carbon footprint, the calculation was made based on the fifth protocol of the IPCC and on the premises of the GhG protocol.

Volunteer Day Program

We mobilize our 90+ global staff through in-person and skills-based volunteering opportunities at reputable charities in the regions we operate in. Our employees have enjoyed a wide range of activities, such as a team run in Singapore raising money for cancer research, picking up rubbish in the mountains of Italy, organising donated goods for families-in-need in Spain, and assisting with recruiting for a GSR Foundation beneficiary organisation. Giving back to our communities in a meaningful way, and having fun while we do it, is the fundamental principle of the Volunteer Day Program.