GSR Appoints Jon Loflin as Chief Risk Officer

GSR is delighted to appoint Jon Loflin as Chief Risk Officer.

GSR’s latest addition comes as the company continues to enhance the sophistication of the programmatic strategies that underlie its market making and trading operations. Loflin’s team will be tasked with developing the next iteration of the firm’s risk management framework, with a focus on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to evaluate pre-trade, real-time and post-trade risk.

Prior to joining GSR, Loflin was Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager of Mariner Coria RV, a fund manager lauded for its technical expertise in structured derivatives trading, relative-value strategies, and alternative risk premia across all major asset classes and regions. During his time managing Coria, he was named a ‘Hedge Fund Rising Star’ by Institutional Investor and was inducted into the EQDerivatives Volatility Investing Hall of Fame. Prior, Loflin spent five years at BlueMountain Capital Management as a Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager and another five years at Goldman Sachs, specializing in credit and interest-rate derivatives.

Cristian Gil, Co-founder, GSR said: “GSR has been consistently successful in attracting experts and seasoned professionals like Jon to build sophisticated cryptocurrency trading infrastructure and services. As early movers and newer institutions look to broaden their exposure over time, the strength of a firm’s risk management structure will be a competitive differentiator.”

Loflin said: “Crypto markets offer opportunities that traditional asset classes haven’t seen in some time, and GSR is a great company. I’m excited to join a firm that’s been on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency trading since 2013 and has a clear roadmap to being one of the leaders in digital assets as the markets further develop.”