Market Making and Liquidity Solutions

GSR provides programmatic liquidity for dozens of digital assets across 30 venues and hundreds of crosses, helping market participants by acting as the buyer and seller of last resort.

Best-in-class Market Makers

Our competitive advantage has always been our technology. Our institutional grade software suite was built entirely in-house by developers from tech companies such as IBM and Oracle in conjunction with quant traders from financial players including Goldman Sachs, Two Sigma, and Tower Research. The global trading landscape evolves rapidly and we are always upgrading our systems.

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Market Making for Exchanges

GSR believes in growing a sustainable market for exchanges. In our experience, developing cross- and intra-exchange arbitrage opportunities has an important multiplier effect on volumes traded and corresponding market liquidity. We also offer order book replication, subject to technical constraints such as exchange connectivity and API message limitations.

Maximizing Transparency and Real Liquidity

Over the past five years, GSR has been a pioneer in developing liquidity solutions for the digital asset economy. We take pride in hastening the adoption of coins and tokens via our position as a leading volume driver both on and off exchanges.


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We view every counterpart relationship as a partnership, and each partnership is unique. We stay in close constant communication to understand your needs so that we can best achieve your goals. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our core tenets are powered by technology, driven by innovation, built on integrity.

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