Founded in 2013, GSR is the leading trading firm in the digital asset ecosystem.

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We are experts in programmatic and bilateral trading. We offer programmatic execution services, liquidity provision, as well as custom built options, structured products, and lending solutions. Our trading technology is used by cryptocurrency projects, funds, miners, exchanges, and high net-worth individuals.

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Portfolio Solutions

Our team sees every trading relationship as a partnership, we work with every counterparty to understand your return profile or specific yield target. Our custom fit strategies allow projects and individuals to effectively earn interest on their cryptocurrency. Effective portfolio management can reduce risks, help cover operational costs, and ensure you are best positioned to capitalize on potential returns.

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Our Team

GSR has decades of experience managing global trading and quant businesses. Our team draws on experience from Goldman Sachs, Two Sigma, Nomura International, and Citadel, among others. Our collective insight has allowed GSR to build one of the industry’s fastest, most robust and transparent digital asset trading systems.

Meet our Team

Our veteran leadership team consists of finance and technology executives from world leading financial institutions.

Areas of Expertise

Liquidity Provision

We leverage our deep understanding of digital asset liquidity, market structure, financial derivatives and quantitative investing to provide liquidity solutions ranging from basic execution services to structured products.

Risk Management Strategy

GSR has designed risk management strategies for miners, hedge funds and exchanges who face ongoing difficult decisions on how to manage risk. These products are engineered to reduce volatility and aim to define and constrain risk parameters.

Programmatic Execution

GSR’s proprietary trading technology can be configured to specific trading needs of counterparties. Our selling and accumulation strategies dynamically adjust to real-time liquidity and volatility, ensuring that you get the best price for your assets in the timeframe of your choice.

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