Custom Cryptocurrency Options Trading

Tailor-made options trading strategies for crypto-native firms

Crypto Options Trading

Strategies can be uniquely configured by adjusting strike prices, maturities and quantities to achieve the desired payoff profile objectives. Custom-built swaps and options strategies provide a better match than listed products on exchanges for many in the digital asset ecosystem. Additionally, the single-day expiration date of exchange products means traders need to deal with the volatility of the expiry day, which could be prone to emotional sentiment or other non-economic factors. A single-day hedge is likely too short in duration for crypto native institutions to properly protect the value of their outputs or market exposure.

  • Corporate entities prefer to trade options that are specifically built for them
  • Put and call options can be bought or sold through GSR and margined and settled in either fiat or crypto
  • Trade Swaps: Swaps allow traders to sell short their crypto, benefiting from negative price moves and hedging their inventory
  • Trade Protective Puts: Protective Puts are ideal for traders who want limited downside price exposure, but still want full exposure to any upside price movements
  • Combination Option Strategies: Risk Reversals combine Protective Puts and Call Overwrites to provide traders with limited downside exposure and retained upside exposure at low cost or even a premium to the trader
  • Trade Call Overwrites: Selling high strike calls yields the option’s premium from the sale as a payment to the counterparty
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For quotes on specific options structures, maturities and strikes, please complete onboarding and contact GSR to open up a trading chat room.

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