Financial Institutions

Risk with intention, reward with integrity

For those looking to shrewdly navigate the complexities and uncertainties of digital assets, GSR is a crypto-native guide that partners with you to identify the right opportunities for long-term success.

Crypto is a fast-moving, volatile world. It’s a challenge to know which signals to pay attention to and where to invest your focus. We take a long-term view at GSR, enhanced by our ten years of experience and deep expertise. We can help you sift through the noise to identify real opportunities.

How we serve institutions

  • Strategic advice
  • Access to major markets – bitcoin & ethereum
  • Access to altcoin markets
  • OTC trading
  • Programmatic trading
  • Risk management
  • Options & other derivatives
  • DeFi access

Our team has extensive expertise from world-class traditional financial institutions. We build standards and relationships that embed integrity, accountability, and ingenuity.

Meet Our Team