Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Deep liquidity in all market conditions

It is crucial for an exchange platform to have deep liquidity across all market conditions, and is a key differentiator for attracting traders.

GSR partners with leading cryptocurrency marketplaces to provide liquidity across all market crosses, 24 hours a day.

For exchanges of all sizes, a market maker fills an integral role in enhancing liquidity and transparency by tightening bid/ask spreads and adding to order book depth, resulting in a better trading experience for all traders.

Our primary goal is to build a deep order book with tight bid/ask spreads, such that market participants can seamlessly trade in and out of positions.

GSR is the primary market maker for many leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe.

How we serve exchanges:

  • Robust 24hr liquidity
  • Order book presence data
  • Max spread KPIs
  • Order book size and market depth KPIs
  • API and infrastructure consultation


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  • Post trade analysis
  • Daily and weekly reporting
  • Customised trading solutions
  • Risk management strategies

“Providing deep liquidity in all market conditions is a key success factor for an exchange platform.

GSR has developed a robust digital assets trading system supported by a highly professional and responsive team, setting the standard for liquidity providers."

Eric Anziani,

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