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Cryptocurrency Market Makers


Market makers play an important role in increasing the accessibility and liquidity of cryptocurrencies to traders, investors and market participants around the world. Market making is an activity whereby a trader simultaneously provides liquidity to both buyers and sellers in a financial market. Liquidity is the degree to which an asset can be quickly bought or sold without notably affecting the stability of its price.


Our edge has always been our technology


GSR works with leading cryptocurrency projects and cryptocurrency exchanges and presents KPIs that clearly align with and validate our market-making value proposition with each partner. All trade executions are maintained in our proprietary database and reporting is fully automated and customizable. GSR Markets’ institutional grade software suite was built entirely in-house by our developers.

  • Robust Liquidity – spread and order book KPIs
  • 60+ exchange integrations
  • Through a thorough examination of your exchange and trading ecosystem we learn your needs and set achievable goals
  • Our team has experience trading with established and nascent projects


  • Our software measures performance on the most granular level, allowing for full visibility and flexibility
  • A partner you can trust: GSR Markets is a founding member of ADAM, the leading SRO in the US dedicated to the development of fair and orderly markets
  • Daily market reports are available to all trading counterparties

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What are the benefits of crypto market making?


Markets that have low liquidity will generally have wide bid-ask spreads in their order books that can increase the volatility of the asset. Therefore it makes it more difficult for traders to get a good price for their trade, and have their orders filled. The overall liquidity of a market greatly influences its growth, and market makers play a big role in ensuring liquidity. Simply stated, the liquidity of an asset is its availability for buyers and sellers to easily trade it at any given time.

  • Increases market liquidity and order book depth
  • Reduces price volatility
  • Assists with fair price discovery
  • More efficient bid-ask spreads in cryptocurrency exchange order books
  • More orderly entry and exits points for traders
  • Dramatically reduces slippage
  • Helps accommodate large institutional investors
  • Mitigates dramatic price swings

"We decided to work with GSR Markets because their focus on compliance and ensuring high quality aligns well with us."

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