Complaints Notice

Nature of Complaints

For the purposes of this notice,, “GSR” includes GSR International Limited and all of its current and future subsidiaries and affiliates that provide services.

GSR is committed to providing high-quality services. If a client is dissatisfied for any reason and therefore wishes to make a complaint, GSR will endeavour to resolve complaints promptly and fairly. 

A client for these purposes includes any person to whom GSR provides, intends to provide or has provided a service. A complaint for these purposes includes any expression of dissatisfaction by a client or a representative of the  client, whether oral or written, which alleges that the client has suffered (or may suffer) financial loss, material distress, or inconvenience as a result of personal experience with GSR’s products, services, employees, or third-party vendors acting on its behalf.

How to log a Complaint with GSR

Complaints may be raised, free of charge, to your usual point of contact at GSR, or by email at: We will provide written acknowledgement of any complaint within two business days of receipt.

Customer Complaint Handling

Sometimes a complaint can be resolved at first contact without further investigation (for example where the complaint arises from a system or clerical error). Where this is not possible, the complaint will be investigated by a complaints officer that is independent from any individual who is the subject of the complaint. The complaints officer will investigate the complaint, seeking additional information from the client where necessary. Clear communication will be maintained throughout the complaints process. Within 20 business days of receipt of the complaint, once the complaint has been investigated, we will provide you with a written response to your complaint addressing the issues raised in it, including details of any proposed further action (including financial redress), where appropriate. Where we reject a complaint, we will provide an explanation for that determination and offer you the opportunity to request an additional independent review of your complaint by a GSR complaints officer who was not involved in the initial investigation. If it has not been possible to resolve the complaint within 20 business days, we will provide you with the reasons for the delay and an indicative reasonable timeframe within which you may expect to receive our final response.

Additional procedural aspects and rights of appeal apply in respect of complaints in relation to GSR Digital LLC, and can be provided upon request.