Cryptocurrency Risk Management

Many participants in the ecosystem are under-hedged or outright un-hedged against adverse price action.

An Insurance Policy Against Unwanted Market Swings 

The main use for derivatives is hedging. Institutions that want to reduce market uncertainty use derivatives to protect themselves from a change in a market that would put their business, or its profitability, at risk. This can be anything from fluctuations in commodity prices to interest rates to hash power. The benefits of derivatives are that they provide risk protection for a wide range of investments while offering a high level of customization. Our team will work with you to reduce volatility and aim to define and constrain risk parameters.

  • GSR has designed derivatives for miners, hedge funds, and exchanges who face ongoing difficult decisions on how to manage risk
  • Hedge against unwanted market swings
  • Hedge against growing operational costs
  • Protect your firm against potential losses
  • Derivatives make future risks tradable
  • High level of expertise and customization

“The GSR team is made up of highly sophisticated traders and engineers whose products and technology are playing a central role in the rapidly-evolving crypto derivatives market."

Boris BilowitzkiPartner & Head of Sales,