How Bitcoin Works

A semi-technical, yet accessible report about how Bitcoin Works, including hashing functions, digital signatures, nodes and miners, consensus, blockchain structure, and more.

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What can you expect from the report?

More Than Just Electronic Cash

What is Bitcoin?

Explore the history of Bitcoin, the anatomy of a transaction, and what the technology enables from a high level.

Bitcoin Properties
Bitcoin PropertiesBitcoin Properties
TrustlessOpen Source
Censorship ResistantPseudonymous
Blockchain use cases
Store of ValueOwnership
Record of AccountDecentralized Computation
IdentityMany More

Hashing Functions Abound

Delve into hashing functions, the security properties they enable, and how they are used throughout Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Hashtag functions abound

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All About Digital Signatures

Examine symmetric and public key cryptography, and dive deep into Bitcoin’s ECDSA digital signature algorithm, enabling only the private key holder to verifiably sign transactions.

Digital signature creation

Blockchain Structure

Discover how transactions and blocks are organized and linked in the blockchain to make Bitcoin the most secure database in history.

Blockchain structure

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