Thaki - Education is a human right

Thaki believes that digital literacy is a right, and that access to quality education is one of the best means to eliminate poverty and build resilience among the poor and vulnerable. Thaki presently sets its sights on Lebanon and Jordan, where millions of refugees and civilians currently live below the poverty line. By empowering refugee and vulnerable children to learn and thrive through self-paced, motivational electronic tools, Thaki aims to eliminate the educational and socioeconomic inequity brought about by poverty, war and disasters. 

The way Thaki does this is simple:

  1. Collects gently used laptops from corporations and institutions (*GSR donates our retired laptops as part of our Sustainability program)
  2. Loads devices with high-quality educational content
  3. Distributes to educational centers that work with refugee and vulnerable children
  4. Provides tools to support the educational process 


The GSR Foundation loves the Thaki model for its focus on education access to vulnerable children as well as extending the lifetime of electronic devices, thereby reducing global e-waste. Thaki has received awards and recognition from MIT Solve, TEDx AmsterdamED, THNK School of Creative Leadership, General Motors, Andan Foundation, Kiron and, most recently, the Atlas Regional Liberty Award. 


Since Thaki’s inception in 2014, they have brought digital education tools to over 12,450 children and hope to grow that four-fold in the next four years.


Join us in our support of Thaki: