GSR Partners with SUKU to Provide Liquidity and OTC trading for the SUKU Token (SUKU)

GSR has partnered with SUKU as a market maker and to assist with the formation of the SUKU OTC market.

SUKU leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to enable transparency in supply chains and provide financial tools to disadvantaged suppliers, such as small farmers.

SUKU was created by Citizens Reserve, which has a team that originates from the Deloitte Blockchain Lab, and they have already been providing successful solutions for large partners, including Fortune 500 companies.

“SUKU has an unrelenting focus on transparency and traceability. This project takes a very promising approach in solving issues of tracking and tracing consumer goods and ultimately connecting with conscious consumers. They are at the forefront of decentralizing supply chain infrastructure and bringing tangible use cases to open finance. We are excited to provide liquidity to the ecosystem.”

Jakob Palmstierna, Head of Investment Solutions, GSR.

We are looking forward to playing our role in the SUKU community and helping to facilitate the link between DeFi, blockchain adoption and supply chain.

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