Weekly Crypto News Recap – Apr 7, 2023

April 7, 2023


Uniswap v3 code free to fork as BSL expires


Former Gemini execs launch tokenized T-Bill vault OpenEden

The Block
Two ex-Gemini execs unveiled a new crypto startup called OpenEden to offer exposure to tokenized Treasury Bills via its new T-Bill vault. The "vault" is an on-chain pool that allows stablecoin holders to earn a yield from U.S. Treasury Bills. Most of the pool's assets will be invested directly into short-dated U.S. Treasury Bills off-chain, and a small portion of USDC will remain on-chain to facilitate 24/7 instant withdrawals.

Dogecoin Soars After Twitter Replaces Its Blue Bird Logo With the Token's Dog


Arbitrum Botches First Steps Toward Decentralization

The Defiant
The effort to cede control of the Arbitrum blockchain to its community got off to a rough start over the weekend, as a botched governance proposal led to accusations that it’s all just “decentralization theater.” The DAO was asked to ratify its proposed constitution and the creation of a sister organization, the Arbitrum Foundation, a Cayman Islands-registered company that would “serve the ArbitrumDAO community and be governed by it.” Buried within the proposal – a request that the DAO gift the Foundation more than $1B worth of ARB. On Friday, DAO delegate Blockworks Research set off a firestorm when it drew attention to the fact that 750M ARB had already been set aside for the Foundation, suggesting the vote was just a formality. Worse still – 50M ARB had been sent to crypto exchange Binance on March 23, the very first day that ARB started trading, presumably so the Foundation could sell the tokens.


MicroStrategy Buys More Bitcoin as Asset Nears Company’s Break Even Price
Approaching 1M Bitcoin inscriptions
Internet Computer Issues ‘Liquid Bitcoin,’ for Faster, Cheaper BTC Transactions
Bitcoin Ordinals daily inscriptions surge due to ‘BRC-20 tokens’
Bitcoin Thesis Becomes Amazon Best Seller
Kraken sponsors F1 car with Bitcoin whitepaper
ZeroSync and Blockstream to Broadcast Bitcoin Zero-Knowledge Proofs From Space
U.S. government sold over 9k BTC for $215.7M on March 14


Top Ethereum Teams Join Forces To Return MEV Profits To Users
Ether flirts with $1,900 as it breaks out ahead of Shapella upgrade
MEV Blocker Wants to Help You Outrun the Front-Runners
ETH hits 7-month high ahead of Shanghai and Capella upgrades
Free POAP? Not for Commercial Users of the Ethereum Attendance NFTs
Satellite orbiting Earth participates in the Ethereum KZG ceremony
Ethereum Archive Node service shuts down, saying it ‘succeeded’
Ethereum ERC-4337 ‘bundlers’ — How hard is joining the network?
Buterin weighs in on zk-EVMs’ impact on decentralization and security
Ethereum MEV bots lose over $25 million in sophisticated attack
Ethereum deposit contract holdings exceed 18 million ETH
Ethereum, 200 days after The Merge: $4 billion in ether not added to supply


High Ether Yields Drive $50M to DeFi Protocol Pendle Finance
Arbitrum Foundation Offers Crypto Governance Concessions After ARB Holder Uproar
Optimism Freezes Code For Bedrock Upgrade
Dogecoin rally built on little more than narrative, expect short-term volatility, analysts say
Dogecoin Futures Set Record After Twitter Adopts Shiba Inu Logo
BNB Chain prepares for Planck hard fork to enhance cross-chain security
Render token rises 8% as community votes on proposed Solana migration
Elon Musk’s Dogecoin hype draws attention to mysterious wallet that once held $24 billion
TON validators receive single nominator smart contract
Aave eyes expansion to BNB Chain, Starknet and Polygon zkEVM
Manifold is building its own liquid staking platform, secures 25,000 ETH deal with Cream Finance
Cardano Gets On-Chain Gaming Boost as Paima Layer 2 Goes Live
Solana-based Rollbit Coin faces scrutiny over crypto influencer promotion tactics
Astar Network to launch smart contracts that support two virtual machines
PancakeSwap DEX Launches Version 3 on BNB Chain and Ethereum
Locked Value on zkSync Era Climbs Past $100M
Over $330M worth of token are scheduled to unlock in April
Arbitrum Foundation Pledges New Votes, No 'Near-Term" ARB Sales Amid Community Revolt
Arbitrum sells tokens amid 77% disapproval, claims DAO governance ‘working as intended’


Stablecoin issuer Tether accessed US banking system using Signature: Report


Jane Street, Tower Research and Radix are Binance’s ‘VIP’ clients in CFTC suit: Report
Pfizer-Backed VitaDAO Votes on Creating For-Profit Company to Fund Longevity Research
Masa announces soulbound ID tokens for Coinbase’s Base Network
Tokenized Gold Surpasses $1B in Market Cap as Physical Asset Nears All-Time Price High
Ralph Lauren Miami Store to Accept Crypto Payments
Paxful closing, CEO blames staff departures, regulatory challenges
Nomura-Backed Komainu to Offer Segregated Crypto Collateral Product for Institutions
Crypto news site The Block gets new CEO and reported staff layoffs following admitted ties to SBF


Reddit deploys Gen 3 NFT avatar contracts on Polygon
OpenSea collector fat fingers a 100 ETH bid for a free NFT
Ultra’s New Web3 Gaming Marketplace Lets Users Resell Digital Games
NFT Sales Near $2 Billion in March as Blur Dominates Market
OpenSea launches advanced NFT marketplace aggregator
Trump NFT sales jump 450% after ex-president’s arraignment; still a fraction of December peak
Yuga Labs Joins Gucci to Announce Otherside-Themed Jewelry
FIFA Debuts AI-Powered World Cup Soccer Mobile Game, With Plans for NFTs


North Carolina County Mulls 1-Year Bitcoin Mining Moratorium
Texas Senate committee moves forward on bill removing incentives for crypto miners
Argo Blockchain Hires New CFO, Bitcoin Mining Decreases in March
Marathon Digital mines record 825 BTC in March
Bitcoin Miner Marathon Digital's CFO to Retire After One Year


Binance Australia's Derivatives License Cancelled by Regulator
Bitstamp launches new lending product across crypto-friendly markets
OPNX fizzles at open, with a paltry $13.64 in volume during the first 24 hours
Binance self-custody wallet launches crypto-to-fiat off-ramp
CoinFLEX Founder Offers Bitcoin Evangelist Roger Ver ‘Olive Branch’ to Settle Alleged $84M Debt
Crypto exchange backed by 3AC founders launches with claims trading plans
Former Genesis CEO Moro joins upstart cryptocurrency derivatives exchange
End of Zero-Fee Program Hit Binance Market Share Harder Than CFTC Action: Research
Binance Founder CZ Denies Sudden Red Interpol Notice Rumors – Here's the Latest
Voyager-Binance.US Legal Fight Must Be Resolved by April 13, Court Documents Say
CZ says latest FUD was likely sponsored by another exchange
Trio of Canadian Crypto Exchanges Confirms Plans to Merge
Japan Regulator Flags 4 Crypto Exchanges Including Bybit for Operating Without Registration
Coinbase dominates US market with over 75% market share
Binance.US transitioning to new bank providers; briefly affecting deposits, withdrawals
Bittrex to halt US operations by end of April
Bybit Eyes Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade, Launches ‘Optimized’ ETH Staking
Huobi partners with Gala Games for L1 and Web3 development


Deribit Parent Company Leads $4.4M Seed Funding Round Into Dutch Crypto Exchange Finst
LayerZero Valued At $3B In Series B
Delphi Labs Raises $13.5M for Web3 Accelerator
Polychain Leads $15M Funding Round for Crypto Startup Polyhedra Network
Alchemy Pay Raises $10M at $400M Valuation to Push South Korean Expansion Plans


Chinese state insurance firm launches two crypto funds in Hong Kong: Report
Grayscale investment funds outshine Bitcoin, Ethereum in 2023
21Shares launches ETP for Bitcoin L2 network Stacks
Dragonfly Capital invests $10M in Bitget amid industry recovery
Amber Group's Ex-U.S. CEO Raazi Joins EDG, a Digital-Asset Structured Product Firm
GMO Financial Holdings Buys 10% of Crypto Hedge Fund AWR Capital
Re7 Capital, Republic Crypto go live with $100 million fund for liquid tokens


Largest LatAm investment bank launches stablecoin
Swiss Bank PostFinance to Roll Out Bitcoin, Ethereum Services for Clients
Google Cloud to Offer Workshops, Cloud Computing Services for Builders on Celo
Digital Asset Tech Provider Metaco Secures Partnership With Liechtenstein Private Bank
European Traditional Finance Banks Join Forces for Blockchain-Based Digital Bonds Trading Platform
Bakkt finalizes $155M acquisition of Apex Crypto


Peru considering CBDC to improve payment system: Former IMF adviser
Senator Warren says banks have ‘done really bad jobs’, advocates for CBDCs instead of Bitcoin


Germany’s new regulation paves way for tokenized digital shares
Singapore composing new guidelines for banks with crypto clients
Coinbase supports new court action to remove Tornado Cash ban
Dubai regulator demands Binance provide info on ownership, governance: Report
Former Coinbase employee ready to settle insider trading case with SEC
South Korean authorities seize $160M in assets tied to Terra employees: Report
DOJ seizes $112M tied to cryptocurrency schemes
New Global Currency Designed to Ditch US Dollar Coming From BRICS Nations: Report
Bermuda still open to crypto firms, says premier: Report


ANZ Bank Completes Carbon Credits Trading as Part of Australia's CBDC Pilot
Report Blasts Bitcoin Mining for Pollution—But Bitcoiners Aren’t Buying It
The Role of Blockchain in Renewable Energy: Use Cases and Opportunities
Carbon-Backed NFT Collection Ecosapiens Raises $3.5M
Blockchain for Energy Traceability: Reducing Carbon Footprints and Ensuring Compliance
More than 50% of Bitcoin mining uses renewable energy


Bitcoin white paper is apparently hiding in Apple’s modern macOS
Allbridge to first begin repaying stuck bridge users after recouping funds
Cobie says Interpol rumor about CZ of Binance was accidentally leaked
Liquidity protocol Sentiment exploited for over $500K
Euler Labs hacker returns ‘all of the recoverable funds’ — Timeline
Allbridge exploiter returns most of the $573K stolen in attack
Huobi and Gala Games to Give $50M to Victims of pGala Scheme
Italian regulator draws criticism for blocking AI chatbot ChatGPT
Billionaire Crypto Mogul Justin Sun Denies Rumors on Huobi Exchange Stake Sell
Allbridge offers bounty to exploiter who stole $573K in flashloan attack
Justin Sun’s Grenada ambassadorship to WTO ends
FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty to New Charges, Including Bribery of Chinese Officials: Report