The GSR Blue Collection

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our corporate NFT collection: the GSR Blue collection. Since its inception in 2013, GSR has established a reputation for being one of the best market-makers across the crypto space. With the rise of DeFi in 2021, GSR solidified its place as a significant ecosystem partner and further strengthened long-standing relationships with crypto companies, financial institutions, and major protocols.

Concurrently, we have seen a large number of newcomers enter the space, and increasingly, the reputation of a crypto entity has come to be defined by its on-chain presence and engagement. NFT portfolios have become a new standard to establish respectability, authority, and influence, transcending even the identity of the holders in some instances. 

GSR has many ties to the NFT ecosystem, so it seemed only natural that we should curate our own collection. We selected profile pictures and generative art built on the Ethereum and Solana networks, from high-quality blue-chip collections, all with notable cultural significance and backed by highly reputable teams and communities. 

Please join us in welcoming GSR’s newest digital members!

Santo Piano is the blue fallen angel we didn’t know we needed. Yes, he certainly raged hard during the crypto conferences of the 2021 bull market, but his perseverance will lead us onwards and upwards!

Bored Ape Yacht Club 

A collection of 10,000 Bored Apes released in April 2021 by Yuga Labs. BAYC has come to define success in the NFT space, and established itself as the dominant brand, with over $1 billion in sales so far and multiple celebrity owners.


Roger Federpunk and Miroslava Punkrer are a dynamic tennis-playing duo, but they reserve their ‘punk’ attitude for the playing field. In between seasons, they can be found vacationing on the ski slopes of Switzerland.


A collection of 10,000 24 x 24 pixel human/zombie avatars released in June 2017 by Larva Labs. It is one of the earliest NFT projects built on Ethereum. OG NFT blue-chip, having been sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in the past before being recently acquired by Yuga Labs. 

Professor Hedwigius Leviosa teaches magic across The Otherside. Although he is a renowned scholar of few words, you can be sure he always gives a ‘hoot’ about his students.


A collection of 10,000 owls released in April 2022 by Proof Collective, led by Kevin Rose. Moonbirds unlock private club membership and additional benefits the longer they are staked through a feature called “nesting.” One of the most successful launches of 2022, Moonbirds became an instant classic.

Igmar the Degen is a doodle of the finest caliber – a chill, stylish, diamond-handed, surströmming-eating, Scandinavian specimen with suave. 


A collection of 10,000 pastel avatars released in October 2021, art by Burnt Toast (aka Scott Martin). The Doodle company wants to become a full-scale entertainment brand. What can we say, Doodles look cool and this one, this is one.

Wananda is a highly skilled warrior queen, having traversed various lands and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Her devotion to empowering the underprivileged and serving the greater good of humanity make her a beacon of light in the craziest of times. She enjoys listening to Ray Charles and Sir Elton John while solving world problems.

World of Women

A collection of 10,000 artworks of women, released in July 2021, they are the undisputed queens of the NFT PFP world. The DAWoW, the community-run DAO, helps define the project’s roadmap. They promote diversity, female empowerment, and humanitarian efforts and have pledged millions towards education, mentorship and in the fight to end child marriage.

Monsieur Crapaud is a highly sarcastic yet talented strategist. When not posing random mathematical riddles related to his favorite number (721) to random strangers, he ponders the mysteries of the Ethereum blockchain. Who doesn’t love a cute Froggy?


A collection of 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin (also the name of the artist who launched it in September 2021 – He also designed the Nouns collection). Iconic, fun and pixelated, Cryptoaz quickly entered the highest echelon of NFT projects. 

Clayton is part of a highly advanced cybernetic species marked by his time surviving the Murakami Drip. Showcasing a RNBW smile and a cyborg eye, Clayton likes to adhere to Asimov’s Three Laws, and tend to his garden of Murakami Seeds. 



A collection of 20,000 human/robot avatars released in November 2021 by RTFKT Studios in collaboration with art legend Takashi Murakami. RTFKT Studios was acquired by Nike in December 2021.

Damien Hirst – The Currency

The first NFT collection by another art legend: Damien Hirst. Reimagining the way NFTs are used, The Currency is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that correspond to 10,000 unique physical artworks which are stored in a secure vault in the UK. This one is called From The Depths (of liquidity?).

Bluchaelangelo is Santo Piano’s Solana alter-ego, bridging his message of hoptimism to the Solana ecosystem. WAGMI friends from the multichain future!


Solana Monkey Business (Gen2)

A collection of 5,000 24×24 pixel monkeys released in August 2021, led by the community-established MonkeDAO.

Damocles the demi-DeGod is a symbol of the divinity in us all – degenerates and debutantes alike! His permanent smile contrasts with his bloody beater, and reminds us to maintain composure in times of crises.


A Solana collection of 10,000 human-like avatars released in October 2021 by Frank DeGod. A unique feature of this collection is that it is deflationary, DeGod holders have the ability to burn their NFTs for $DUST, to create DeadGods.

Lord Harry O’Kelvin hails from the windy streets of Chicago. The denim jacket and hat are a testament to his swagger, street smarts, and sensible nature.

Okay Bears

A collection of 10,000 bears released in April 2022 by its eponymous organization. The roadmap is still being established but this project has already captured the attention of NFT traders throughout the world by giving them another bear market to think of! Also denim never goes out of fashion.

Cristoff is a whale of magnificent proportions. As a connoisseur of fine valley wines, he is known to frequent the area surrounding Catalina Island. With his influence in the seas of Solana, whale be ok!


Catalina Whale Mixer

A collection of 5,555 whales released in December 2021. WAGMI Beach, the creators, aspire to become a web3 global entertainment franchise and already have established themselves as a household name in the nascent Solana NFT ecosystem. 

DeVito is an exemplary graduate of the Degenerate Ape Academy, with a constant urge to rage. Shades on, nothing else, ready to party: “Yo VIP, let’s kick it. Ice, ice baby!”

Degenerate Ape Academy

A collection of 10,000 3D apes released in August 2021 by Monoliff. The DAA is a part of the Degeniverse and DegenDAOO. Inspired by the BAYC, DAA became one of the largest projects on Solana.


Squigz is a colorful character, with a vibrant personality. His eccentric nature arises from his time in the chromium lab at the ArtBlocks factory. 


Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

A collection of 10,000 squiggles with varying colors and shapes. They were released in November 2020, as the 1st collection on the ArtBlocks platform, the supreme generative art collection. We acquired this artwork on the newly launched Archipelago platform.

Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs

A collection of 9,999 pieces created using a flow field algorithm, which creates unpredictable, non-overlapping curves. It was released in July 2021. Like most generative art, the collection is a lot more varied than you might realize at first, which we clearly see with the most expensive piece (the Tulip #313) that sold for $3.3m in August 2021.